Tips for Slicing Your Home Made Loaf

A beautiful food presentation is one of the aspects of something delicious, and that does not exclude bread. A plain sandwich with perfectly-sliced bread can offer one of the best sandwiches; and in order to produce that perfect food, you need to flawlessly slice the bread first. If you’ve worked in artisan bakeries, you most likely have inherited the art of bread-slicing and how expert pastry chefs cut and slice bread into perfection. But if you haven’t, allow me to share some of their secrets.

Don’t try to cut fresh from the oven bread as much as possible. Allow it to cool completely or it will mash. If you’re eating the bread warm, always use a very sharp bread knife. The outer crust of homemade bread is usually tougher than store-bought loaf breads, so you need a sharp blade for a smooth slice without the inside bread lumping up.

slicing bread

Although you can slice fresh bread with any sharp kitchen knife, certain knife qualities can better render clean bread slices. Cutting the bread using an offset serrated knife and in a sawing motion is your best bet. A serrated knife is proven to deliver the cleanest and effortless slice. Try using a 9″ or longer bread knife blade if you’re slicing large homemade loaves. When cutting, turn the bread on its side. The crusty bottom is much easier to cut through. Do not push down while you’re cutting the slices, instead use a sawing motion. This way you will keep the bread from being squished down.

To get thin and even slices, use a bread slicing guide. A slicing guide is basically a box-shaped wood with series of slots along both sides. For years, I had been using a large serrated bread knife that had one built in, but these days you can already pick up some that will work with any knife.The bread is simply placed inside of the guide and the slicing knife is run through the guide slits to slice the bread perfectly. Using a guide is important as this gives the slicer more control of the size of the slices.

Take these tips and have your own slice of bread that doesn’t look like a machine sliced it. You will be able to slice bread according to its use. Whether you want thinner or fatter slices, all depends on your mood. If you try to find, there are premium-quality bread knives at affordable prices. All it takes is to find the most suitable one you need before attempting to use the bread slicing guides. As long as it’s serrated, and the blade is set well in the handle, you’re good to go. Just see to it that the slits are wide enough to allow the bread knife to glide through with ease.

How to Display Your Pots and Pans

When organizing your kitchen, make the most of the efficiency in order to maximize the customization of counter-top, shelves and cupboards. Instead of using merely decorative objects in your kitchen, make your cookware as one of the decorations in your kitchen displays. This is an excellent way to save on cabinet space and keep cookware handy.
pots and pans
Here are effective ways to beautifully display cookware.


This method displays your cookware to its best advantage. While cookwares are hanged accordingly, the rack is designed to be accessible and easy to get whenever you need it. This is a convenient way to store frequently used pots and pans while freeing up precious cabinet space and a place to display your high-end culinary tools. Hanging pot racks come in a variety of sizes and mounting capabilities. The dual pot rack design acts as a chandelier and a kitchen organizer as well. It fits practicality with sophistication to a sole kitchen. The high-ceiling hanging pot rack design is perfect for kitchen with high floor to ceiling length. For stainless-steel cookwares, the wired pot rack design fits exactly in your kitchen. Place lighting in the center of the hanging pots and pans to allow lighting to illuminate in your kitchen.

Screw a decent number of hooks on a pegboard across one wall of the kitchen. Hang the cookwares by color or size along with other cooking utensils. This will provide an easy and visible location for frequently used utensils in meal preparations.

Wall racks are generally stylish and well-designed. This is because wall racks are set up on your kitchen wall. Installation procedure of this rack is very simple. Ensure that it is mounted high enough that your children cannot reach but still comfortable for you to pick up.

If you opt for open shelves, you may group similar cookware or utensils together. Arranged your best cookware with heavy ones on top and the lighter cookware should be placed at the bottom of the shelves. It is important to organize your collection in this manner for safety. This looks great but only works if you use the cookwares regularly. If not, you have to spend time to perform regular cleaning schedule before dust and dirt pile up in your shelves.

Getting a new look in your kitchen does not necessarily need total renovations. Organizing things in your kitchen can do the trick!

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My Personal Experience with Cookware

cookingI don’t know about you, but I personally love to cook. I cook my breakfast, lunch and dinner. But I will never be able to decide which ones I like the best. To me home cooked meals are the healthiest and most flavorful and my cookware is fantastic for me. I recommend either the iron cookware or the non-stick cookware. Either way, you get great quality cookware and will never have any issues. I use my iron skillet every morning for eggs. It makes it easier to flip my eggs without using a spatula. If I am cooking dinner or lunch, I like to use my non-stick pans because they are bigger around and taller and I can fit way more food in them. The iron cookware and great for lots of things but so much smaller than the non-stick. Non-stick cookware is better used for big families because you have more to choose from with size like width and tallness. My personal experience with these is just like any other home cooking meal lover, we all have our own opinions. My mom personally likes the ceramic pots and pans best, I am too afraid to use them for fear they may get too hot and bust at some point while I am cooking or just boiling water for a foot soaking. My iron pans and non-stick pans make me happy with no worries whatsoever. If you are looking for a good set of pots and pans for a big family, I recommend the non-stick cookware. If you are just starting out or have a small family, iron is the best way to go. But, don’t just take it from someone who has used them, everyone is different, decide from your own experience with them, you may like one more than the other.

Great Kitchen Experience with Japanese Kitchen Knives

Japanese kitchen knives area must have in any kitchen set up. They have become of great influence in most kitchens as they are ranked among the best and most preferred knives by chefs, homemakers and other cooks. Due to their superior quality and sharpness in cutting, Japanese kitchen knives continue gaining popularity in japan and worldwide. These knives are lightweight, the blade is intact, and hard enough as it is made of quality stainless steel. Most of the Japanese kitchen knives are traditionally made.
Japanese kitchen knives rising popularity in the market made people make fake knives, which are now confused for Japanese kitchen knives. It is important to note that Japanese kitchen knives have unbendable blades unlike other knives. The blades are strong and good quality hence this feature. The blades are sturdy and non-flexible. They also have sharp edges and are simply the best knives in the kitchen. Honyaki and kasumi are the two main classes of traditional knives. They are classified according to the method and material used in shaping the knife. Honyaki is a top grade Japanese kitchen knife made from one material while kasumi is made of two materials and is easier to maintain.

Japanese kitchen knives are a favorite for top chefs as they ease their kitchen work. I have experienced uniformity in cutting and the firmness of the blade makes it amazing to use. These knives make the kitchen work all interesting and more adventurous. One can handle the kitchen business in a faster way due to the convenience by this superior quality knife. The Japanese kitchen knives offer value for your money and are budget friendly. Due to their various designs and varieties, they are better purchased off in kitchen sets as they are cheaper. Japanese kitchen knives are popular in preparation of seafood including prawns and are the solution to most of our kitchen problems. Any time you think of shopping for quality kitchen knives, think of Japanese kitchen knives.

Why I preferred Zojirushi fuzzy logic rice cooker over other brands

If you have used rice cookers for long, you would know that water requirements differ according to the rice. Even though the rice cooker manufacturer mentions how many cups of water you need to cook that rice, you could still end up with rice that is either too soft, or too hard. Another problem that I faced with my rice cooker was with its keep warm feature. While the rice did remain warm, it sort of became hard and rubbery. Moreover, keeping it too long on the warm meant rice sticking to the sides and the bottom of the stainless steel pot, which had to be cleaned before putting it in my dishwasher. My daughter purchased a fuzzy logic rice cooker and I liked the rice cooked in it. So I started going through some of the reviews of fuzzy logic rice cookers. My daughter gave me a list of the best fuzzy logic rice cooker brands to select from. The list included Zojirushi and Panasonic.


I opted for Zojirushi rice cooker because it had many of the features I liked. For starters, it has a chime to tell me when cooking is done. Since rice is not the only thing I cook in it, I am delighted with this feature because I am alerted when the porridge or steaming is completed. I also liked its appearance, which is different from conventional rice cookers. I am tall, about 5 feet 8 inches in height. So I would have to bend down for accessing display menus in other smaller rice cookers. But Zojirushi Neuro fuzzy has that menu on the top. Cooking in this rice cooker is even no doubt. I am also pleased with the brown rice and quinoa cooking in it.

Other fuzzy rice cookers, or rice cookers with microchip in them for managing cooking that we liked included Sanyo and Tiger fuzzy rice cookers. Sizes, shapes, and features varied. Sanyo fuzzy rice cooker for example was designed for making Korean delicacies in which the bottom layer of rice is crisper. I was not sure I would ever need that feature for any of my cooking. Tiger fuzzy rice cooker also gives that option of making the bottom layer crispier. Since I am not a Korean, I chose Zojirushi. I did pay more for its looks and convenience of cleaning. But every dollar spent on it has been worth it.

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How to get the best juicer brands to buy


When I have to make the best juice, the first thing I ensure is to decide the best top rated juicer to buy. Knowing that the market is flooded with different brands of juicers, purchasing a wrong one might affect the quality of my juice. I always start by understanding what I want to do with the juicer and the amount of juice I want to make. For a few people who I want to prepare some juice for them, the juicer that I will use will be different from that for a party or business purpose. These are some of the factors that I always look into when I have to get the best juicer brand in the market.

Any juicer that I have to purchase must come with the warranty from the manufacturer. I never like having a juicer that will offer me services for a short time then breaks down. A warranty is a guarantee that I shall get the best services from the juicer and it also shows that it’s of high quality.

My favorite brand of juicer is always from a brand that I trust having been in the business for several years. Experience matters in getting the right juicer that I want from the market. I always go for the best juicer that will meet all my needs and that which won’t change the taste of the juice produced. You can read all about juicing here.

When I want to get the best top rated juicer brands to buy from the market, I always ensure I do some market research. The online market is the first place where I land to gather all that I need to know about the available juicers. It helps me a lot in comparing different prices for the juicers, and I end up buying the best juicer at the cheapest price. The online market also enables me never to be cheated by unscrupulous business people who might be willing to take advantage of me if I don’t know about various prices for the various juicer brands.

Is A Super Automatic Espresso Machine Better?

espressoI have read a super automatic home espresso machine review and many coffee lovers out there seems utterly disappointed in the machine they just bought or had for a long time.

They complained that it takes time to heat up, frothing wand doesn’t work well, the water goes out fast and etc. so in my own, I suggest that all of you coffee addicts out there purchase a built in espresso machine.

Well, I did and it turned my life completely around. I don’t have to wake up an hour earlier before I leave to work just to turn the machine on, it does it for me! It’s the best espresso maker I have ever had.

There are two types of built in espresso machines on the market. There is the plumbed and regular built in type. It all depends on what you like best and if you’re a lazy guy like me, a plumbed espresso machine is the way to go for you.

It makes a lot of differences in having a plumbed and regular built in machine. The price also differs with that. In a bit, I’ll talk about the advantage and disadvantages of having either one of these machines.

Plumbed types of espresso machine is better in comparison of the regular built in type is because it directly adds water into your machine without you needing to refill it every time it runs out. You can also turn it 24/7 since it’s built it.

The only thing that’s bad about it is that, if the pipe has leakage from a rat bite for example, you’ll need to call a plumber to fix it for you. Warranty does not cover bites from rodents. Still it’s a completely better espresso machine than any other regular coffee espresso machine. If you’re thinking on buying a coffee maker, I suggest you to look for the best espresso coffee maker reviews.

The regular built in espresso machine is basically like an ordinary espresso machine. The only difference is that it’s stuck through your wall or counter top.

You’ll have to refill the water when it runs out but you don’t have to fill it occasionally. The water reservoir for a built in espresso machine can hold about 10 times more than a regular espresso machine.

It also makes great tasting coffee. The good thing about a non-plumbed espresso machine is that you don’t have to change filters every month and fresh water makes your coffee taste amazing.

If you really love coffee then I suggest that you purchase a built in espresso machine. Plumbed or not, it’s your decision.

There are many non-commercial brands out there like BOSCH, Miele, Scholtes, DeLonghi and plenty more. Built in espresso machines allows you to use any types of beans and pods and you can choose to grind them or not before serving them.

It comes with a frothing wand, servers, pre-set and etc. It all depends on which brand and model you take. So what are you waiting for, go get one now because with a good espresso machine, you won’t have to stop by Starbucks anymore because your espresso machine is as good as theirs.

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Why Aerobed Air Mattress Could Be The Best Air Bed For You

There are times when you have extra guest in your home and there are not enough beds. Having an extra bed is a good thing but it can be space consuming and cumbersome. That is one reason why many look forward in to having an air bed in their home. Not just any air bed but the best air bed.

Getting the best air bed is not purely for comfort but also for convenience. Moreover, if you want to sleep outside your own bedroom, it would be far more easier to set up an air bed than to drag your heavy mattress.

One of the more commonly known air bed or air mattress is the one under the Aerobed brand. If you are looking into getting a high quality air bed, checking out Aerobed air bed reviews is always a good place to start. From there you can look into the quality of the bed based on actual user reviews. However, there are few main reasons why many users feel the Aerobed air mattresses is the best air bed in the market.

aerobed mattress

Wide range of selection.

Unlike some other brand, Aerobed have several versions that suits different individuals. If you have a small space you might want to get a twin air bed that is suitable for singles. Even under the twin range you can get a simple air bed or the full version that would a lot thicker and more expensive. If you have bigger space, you can opt for queen or king size bed.

Reading through Aerobed air bed reviews, you will discover that some users even buy the bigger models that come with headboard; similarly to conventional bed. As for those looking for outdoor air bed, Aerobed also provides the best air bed for outdoor enthusiast.

Comes with affordable price.

Aerobed is a good choice for those looking for quality air mattress with affordable price. Most of the standard models are sold below $100. The more complex models are more expensive and come with attached air pumps. These models would be the best air bed for those who can afford it.

Specially design for comfort.

The standard design is eight inches off the ground when fully inflated. Therefore, instead of simply lying on flat surface, the Aerobed is equipped well designed inner air coils. These coils support all areas of your body and provide restful sleep. Made with PVC vinyl, it does not irritate those who have allergies against plastic material.

Moreover, the vinyl makes the surface more resistance to abrasive or sharp objects. This is another reason why this is one of the best air bed for campers. Other than that, Aerobed comes with specially design electrical pumps that would be very convenient during inflation.

These are just three reasons why many choose Aerobed. However, if you are looking into buying one, do read through the Aerobed air bed reviews. Not only you will get better understanding of the product, you will also be able to make a better decision. With sufficient research, you would have no regrets when you finally buy the best air bed for your own good use.

How did my mother buy this sewing machine?

She had no sewing machine reviews to go by. This is an old machine, and may have lasted her almost 30 years or even more. It has been with me for almost 30 years now. I agree it needs oiling, and at times repairs. But I am still able to use it. It sure qualifies as an antique, if not the best sewing machine around.


My earliest recollections of this sewing machine date back to early 1960’s when I may have been around 5 years old or so. My mother used to stitch our clothes, and she was a firm believer that if we learned how to use this machine, we would never go hungry. My older sister never fancied stitching, but I was always sitting near my mother, learning how to thread the needle, remove the bobbin, and fill the bobbin. As I grew older, hemming became part of my job, as did stitching buttons. My mother was a very talented lady. She taught me how to make smocking frocks, and pretty little dresses, baby clothes, caps, bags, and many other things, including curtains. The machine was placed in our home, when she left for retirement home. She couldn’t possibly do much. When she died, nobody questioned my right to it, hideous as it is in looks. But I have made beautiful clothes as gifts with this sewing machine. My children too got to wear some of the clothes that I stitched for them when I was young.

Recently, we bought a new machine. We searched net for best sewing machine and sewing machine reviews did help. I am delighted that this new machine lets me embroider clothes. It is also faster, because it has an electrical pedal. Though I love my new machine, I somehow feel a sense of disloyalty when I look at the older one. It has been with me through tough times, and helped our family save quite a bit, if not earn. While the new machine is versatile, with many features, for me the old machine will continue to be the best sewing machine I ever had.