I Vote We Make Smore’s the Newest Food Group

I should have known that I wouldn’t be able to avoid it forever. That one day someone would come along, drag me out of my nice warm bed, and carry me off into the wilderness. If you havn’t guessed yet, I’m talking about camping.

Growing up my family went camping every summer, and not just for a weekend but for a full week or two at a time. My parents thought that it was healthy for us to get back to nature in order to fully appreciate what we have in our everyday lives. I’m telling you, if we had the technology then that we have now my parents would have kept us out there all summer long. Can you imagine having to go a whole two months without a computer, tablet or your phone? I can still remember having a rotary phone in our house growing up but that doesn’t mean I can imagine living without my apps these days. After moving out of my parent’s house I have been successfully avoiding any and all camping trips for years, but my time has come.


My friends have decided that this year they all want to go on a massive camping trip. We are going to get together as many people as possible and go take over nature somewhere. S’mores, campfires, guitars, a lake, they want to do it all. And alright, I have to admit that even though I’m feeling a bit reluctant to go the idea of going camping with my friends seems much more appealing than the days of watching my dad fall face first into the river in his attempt to fish for our morning breakfast. The only problem is that I have absolutely no camping gear whatsoever. The camping stuff that’s available now has to be better than what we had back then. I know that I will probably end up sharing so I’ve been looking for family camping tents reviews in hopes that I can find something spacious and comfortable. But when it comes right down to it, I’m just hoping that I make it back home without a case of poison ivy and with some funny stories to tell.

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Ellipticals: Low Impact, Great Results

ellipticalElliptical trainers are popular amongst exercise devotees, and with reason. They offer a great low impact workout for both the upper and lower body. They are also more accommodating for people with complications such as aging joints. There are lots of elliptical trainers in the market now. For review website, try to visit UHO sports website and take a look at the best quality elliptical review 2014.

1. Precor EFX 5.25

Precor EFX Elliptical Cross-Trainers are reputable for their range of products for both home and commercial use. The Precor EFX 5.25 is great for home use as it is smaller than most elliptical found in gyms. It could thus conveniently fits perfectly in a home. It does not compromise on effectiveness. It’s great for a complete low impact work out. You can chose the stride length and change the ramp’s incline. It’s worth your money if you want to cut visits to the gym.

2. Sole E 35

SOLE fitness is a reliable source for elliptical trainers. The Sole E 35 Elliptical offers pre-set programs, a variety of resistance levels and a range of ramp inclines. It’s great that you can adjust the machine to suit your body movement as you can change the stride length and the moving handlebars. It also comes with two exercise programs for use that can be tailored for your workout requirements. It however only allows for one user account, meaning it cannot be adjusted for several users. It is however a great product because of its versatility when it comes to features, accessories and extras. It also has a great warranty. Since it’s more personal, its best for home use.

3. Smooth Agile DMT X2

There’s a reason why this product was named smooth and agile. It provides a smooth work out even for those who hate exercise. It however does not compromise on making your workout thorough. This elliptical product offers a variety of exercise programs including preset programs and other that you can customize as you need. it conveniently has a thumb-touch adjustment button. You workout gets more enjoyable with the iPod docking station with speakers for your entertainment. It’s a great product because you’re bound to break sweat and have fun at the same time. It’s great for home use.

These are but a few of the great elliptical products that you can get for use at home. Their prices range from $1300 to $3000.